October 10, 2014
ian’s housewarming

This was about 3 weeks ago? Maybe 4? Anyway, Ian and Stephanie moved recently, close enough that we sometimes run into each other walkiing home from Bart. The housewarming was a lot of people I didn’t know, so I did what I usually do: get drunk and take a bunch of pictures. It was a lot of fun. Note that I didn’t do a ton of processing on these; just applied a contrast curve and convert to B/W.

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October 9, 2014
this guy

Man, this guy. Pennypacker. Yes, his real last name. This was on his last day at work, before leaving for some start up.

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another commute

It appears as though the cranes are spreading to the East Bay now. It’s only a matter of time till we all have to decamp for portland; there’ll only be room for cranes left.

I do hope that by continuing this daily photography, a subject will emerge. There are a lot of things that I end up photographing over and over and over; the light changes, the fog rolls in, and I’m still shooting. That said, all this could be all terribly banal bullshit. When I’m at my most self doubting, that’s all I can see. I’m not sure if the repitition or the persistence will work, either. We’ll see, won’t we? I don’t have it in me to quit.

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October 8, 2014
ferry day, some weeks ago

Trying to get back to normal blogging. Been sick, off and on, for the last few weeks. I went to the hospital last night, they gave me fluids, said it was something viral, nothing they could really do, and sent me home. Anyway, I’ve got a ton of pictures that I need to get out there.

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September 24, 2014
rumors of my death, greatly exaggerated

I’ve spent the last couple days feeling like death. There’s a flu-like something going around. Anyway, I’m alive, despite lack of posting here, lack of work, etc. etc. I’ve been looking at these too long, so I cut out the redundant ones, and I’m just putting them up onto the page.

Death Valley was magnificent. For-real beautiful. I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

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September 18, 2014
manzanar, and before, and after

So, day 2, I wake up after not the most restful night. I’d spent about 3 hours sleeping in the hammock, and when that got too cold, I moved to the tent, which was warmer, but really uncomfortable, as I hadn’t brought a ground pad. I went into town, got some breakfast, and decided I just wanted to get moving.

So, I started off down the road. I’d expected it to be a shitty 2 lane affair, but found an expansive four lane highway for a lot of the journey south. I put a lot of miles under me in the first few hours, and the country was no less amazing than what I’d seen the day before. I shot out the window, while driving. It’s not nearly as dangerous as it sounds, when you’re the only car on a four lane road. It’s also not terribly productive, but I can’t stop myself.

Then, I came to Manzanar. the middle three pictures are all from there. It’s one of the things we as a country should be ashamed of. It’s a pretty long list of things. Like a good tourist, I stopped, took my pictures, and moved on. It is worth remembering, though.

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September 17, 2014
mono lake

Looking back, I wish I’d spent more time at mono lake. I’d spent the whole firs tday stopping, though, and really wanted to move on. These photos are all from all the stopping. Still, really amazingly beautiful.

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September 16, 2014
pass part 2

Anybody get the pun in the title? Passe-Partout? no? just me? ah well, I’m allowed to be a little goofy after the day I’ve had. this is the second part of the pass, where it got really amazing. For some reason I can only see these pictures with a ton of contrast, in black and white. Sorry if they’re a little over wrought. It was sublime. Wilderness and danger all around, but pulling me further on. Of course, on the road, there was only a little danger, inherent in driving a winding two lane road.

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September 15, 2014
rim of the world

So, over labor day weekend, I went on a nice little road trip out to death valley and back. To make things interesting, I decided to go out through Yosemite. There’s a road to the north of the main valley, Route 120, which goes to Mono Lake. I’m breaking this up into smaller bits so I can process the photos slow enough to do a good job, and not take 6 months to come up with a one post edit. This isn’t a magazine.

I took these photos from an overlook called “The Rim of the World,” where there was a very large fire last year. Hundreds of thousands of acres on fire. It was pretty unreal. There are hapier pictures coming, lakes and mountains and desert, but I had to start somewhere.

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September 6, 2014
another day

These are from what, a week ago? The day I visited twitter, and the day before I lit out for the hills. The view from their deck is pretty nice. I know thee aren’t Death valley landscapes. Those are coming, soon enough.

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